Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More from the Innovation Lab at IBM Connect 2014

One more day to see the next wave of cutting-edge technology from IBM Research

Stop by the Innovation Lab in Asia 3, open 9:00 - 12:00 on Thursday. Get answers to these questions...

Who is the most suitable expert for me?
Inbal Ronen , Haifa Lab
Expertise location is a major task performed in enterprises. This demo will present expertise location and advanced features of IBM Connections and other skill related sources in the enterprise. In additional to topic based expertise location, we will show how to identify similar experts when the returned expert is unreachable or busy.  Similarity is based on similar expertise (similar skills, similar social activity, participating in the same blog, being members of the same communities) and personal attribute similarity (similar job title, same country, or same organization). For each recommended similar expert we will show evidence of why the person is identified as similar in the context of the expertise topic. We will also show additional features that facilitate expertise search.

How can I create the best team for the job?
Ana Paula Appel, Brazil Lab
The well-known phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is applicable when assembling an effective team to solve a particular problem. A team formation problem consists of forming a team from a large set of candidates such that the resulting team is best suited to perform an assignment. For instance, a team of available nurses and physicians to perform in an emergency room in a hospital should be chosen carefully, as they need to cover several skills, have the ability to work together, and perform as an efficient team. Social network analytics with optimization techniques allow us to find the best team to perform a required task. Here, we show that our system works for several scenarios, such as health insurance, businesses, and distance learning.

How will a visualiziation help me understand correlations in risk and compliance?
Jamie Rasmussen, Cambridge Lab
The goal of this work is to investigate interactive visual analytics for Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC).  GRC data in IBM OpenPages is based upon defined business processes and risks along with controls for those risks. Several visualizations have been created, including a graph-based GRC object representation that can be used to spot structural anomalies in the data and a visualization of a Monte Carlo simulation showing the impact of uncontrolled risks.

What's the trick to effectively manage client relationships in a huge company?
Vagner Santana, Brazil Lab
Customer-facing employees in large, distributed organizations often face the challenge of losing track of the customer relationship big picture. Although such individual interactions are the building blocks of customer relationships, the complexity of maintaining the big picture greatly increases as the number of touch-points to the customers increase. The lack of task coordination, awareness, or collaboration across teams is one of the main problems affecting the client relationship and thus the client experience. Our demo supports creating an effective “One IBM View” by providing coordination and awareness for distributed teams. It is built on IBM Connections and employs new data and visual analytics for analyzing and representing critical activities with customers.


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