Thursday, February 7, 2013

IBM Connect 2013 - One Innovation Lab...Four days...700 demos

The 2013 IBM Innovation Lab was one of the best attended since we started the lab over 12 years ago at Lotusphere. This year we had three main themes:
  • Smarter Social Business:  tools to monitor social media to know what's being said, understand the message being delivered through visualization, and predict the effect of responses through simulation. Two examples...
    • TwitterViz, from Steve Rohall, is a visual dashboard that offers rapid insight into  the TwitterSphere. Users can enter key word/s and get real-time results of top words, their sentiments, topic clusters and co-occurrence of terms. Bring your favorite terms and see what the world is saying about them. TwitterViz is brought to you by the IBM Center for Advanced Visualizations.
    • OmniProfiling from Eben Haber, explores social data to provide richer profiles to better serve our customers.  It creates “omni-profiles” of many traits from content on social media, and provides ways to view and explore this information both at an individual and group level.
  • Smarter Workforce: social technologies and analytics that empower the workforce. Two examples...
    • Timeline Visualization for Case Management, from Yannick Assogba, is a timeline-based visualization currently applied to case histories. The visualization allows one to quickly identify what has happened in a case and discover issues in the execution of a process.
    • 1x5 Enterprise Crowdfunding, from Werner Geyer, inspired by the crowdfunding phenomenon on the Internet, brings crowdfunding to the enterprise. The 1x5 prototype was a 30-day internal trial that demonstrates how tapping into the collective intelligence of your social workforce can foster innovation, lead to more engaged employees and better decision-making about investments, and increase cross-departmental collaboration. It is now being used by other groups across IBM.
  • Best Fit Expertise:  innovations to help a business tap into the expertise in their organization when they need it. Two examples...
    • Smart Social Q & A, from Lin Luo, helps people get good answers quickly. When a question is posed, the system searches the existing set of questions and responds immediately if an answer exists. If the question is new, the system finds people who can answer it, bringing together the knowledge stored in the heads of the crowd to solve problem. And, our system works within IBM Connections.
    • Visualizing the Social Graph, from Inbal Ronen, is a dynamic visualization of community evolution, allowing a community owner to replay the activities in the community over time. You can observe and get insight on how and why certain behavioral patterns occurred, who contributed, what they did, and when. And you can see interactions between multiple communities.
Check out a longer list of research projects at the Center for Social Business web site.

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