Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kirk Goldsberry - Spatial and Visual Analytics: Giving the World an MRI

A few seats left: Monday, September 24, 3:30 to 5:00 PM (EDT) at the IBM Center for Social Business, Cambridge, MA

Join us for a talk with Kirk Goldsberry, a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University’s Center for Geographic Analysis and an Assistant Professor of Geography at Michigan State University.

Kirk's research focuses on the visual dimensions of analytical communication. He is particularly interested in the links between visual form, graphic design, and spatial reasoning. This avenue of research is significantly influenced by the principles of cartography, visualization, cognitive psychology, vision science, spatial analysis, and human computer interaction.

Kirk received a Ph.D. from the Department of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in August, 2007. His dissertation investigated real-time traffic maps - both to understand and enhance their future design.

More recently, Kirk found a way to blend his research expertise and his love of basketball; in 2010, he developed CourtVision, an ensemble of analytical techniques designed to quantify, visualize, and communicate spatial aspects of NBA performance with exceptional precision and clarity.

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