Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Open Pediatrics: Web-based Critical Pediatric Medical Care for All - a talk with Dr. Jeffrey Burns of Children's Hospital Boston

What:  First Spring 2012 speaker series talk 
When:  May 14, 3:30-05:00
Where: IBM Research, Cambridge, MA
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Dr. Jeffrey Burns of Childrens Hospital Boston
The IBM Center for Social Business welcomes Dr. Jeffrey P. Burns, a game changer in pediatric care, who has an amazing story to tell. He will share a journey that began as a dream to help pediatric medical staff in places around the world who did not have access to critical knowledge they needed to save kids lives. 

While watching the Masters in 2009, he saw an interactive "see and do" web site he thought could do exactly what he wanted. As it turned out, this site was designed by IBM Interactive, with a group based in Cambridge. After a three-year collaboration between Dr. Burns and a Cambridge-based IBM Interactive team led by Adam Cutler, Open Pediatrics is a reality.

The soon-to-be-released web-based educational application will be a resource for pediatric critical care givers around the world. By harnessing the reach of the Internet, access to the latest knowledge about effective health care will no longer be bottle necked within the walls of institutions. It can now be shared instantly so that clinicians across the globe can gain access to life-saving information at any time.

This comprehensive, continually updated, and peer-reviewed knowledge exchange platform is dedicated to providing multimedia and interactive educational resources to physicians and nurses on optimal care of the critically ill child.  The site's mission is to provide information on demand, curricular learning maps for training clinicians, and a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration between care providers around the world.

The beta release will include 1000 users in hospitals across six continents. A total of 9 modules will cover a range of topics pertinent to the care of critically ill children. Each topic will include expert content, including video lectures and demonstrations, pre- and post- topic knowledge assessments, and best practice protocols and guidelines. When applicable, a module will include a simulator or avatar-based simulations for more comprehensive and interactive learning.

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