Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Speaker Series now on YouTube

For the past two years, The Center has hosted talks by a variety of speakers - all somehow related to social networks, social media, communities, and data analytics. We have been able to video many of these talks and recently launched our own Channel on YouTube.

Curious about what S. Craig Watkins, author of The Young and the Digital, has to say about young technology users and how that technology is shaping their lives?

Want to hear first-hand about entrepreneur Yuchun Lee's days counting cards on the MIT Blackjack team, his experience running a small company, and what it's like going from a startup to a very big company called IBM?

What social, biological, and mathematical principles help determine how and why human social networks form and how they operate? Nicholas Christakis talks about his lab's work - using observational and experimental datasets to understand the structure and function of human networks.

MIT's Sandy Pentland explores how increased productivity and creative output are key to understanding how social networks - face-to-face and digital - shape the behavior of both employees and customers.

Watch these videos and more on our Speaker Series Videos.


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