Monday, December 14, 2009

IBM Hosts Second Life Exhibition Space

For the last several years, IBM has maintained a presence in the virtual world of Second Life, including the well-used IBM 6 public sandbox. The sandbox has been home and training ground to some of Second LIfe's most talented builders. Since May of 2009, the Center for Social Software's IBM Exhibition Space (located near the sandbox, on IBM 2 and IBM 3) has been hosting large-scale virtual artworks. The site is curated by Andrew Sempere, who selects the works and collaborates with the artists to ensure that the Exhibits represent the best that Second LIfe artwork has to offer. IBM's Exhibition Space was recently featured in a post at Art 21, the blog spun off from the Emmy-nominated PBS series on Art in the 21st Century. In this article, author Nettrice Gaskins interviews IBM Artist in Residence Bryn Oh about her piece
The Rabbicorn.

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The Rabbicorn Art Piece by Bryn Oh

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