Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beehive featured in the IBM Design Gallery

The Design gallery section showcases excellent design at IBM and the designers who are responsible for it. The gallery focuses on offerings in each of four categories -- software, systems, services, and research -- and lets teams describe why they think the offering they delivered is a cut above the rest.

"The goal of the Beehive service was to aid corporate users with various people-related challenges in an enterprise, categorized as relationship building and people-sensemaking challenges. Relationship-building challenges include new employees who struggle with making connections that are important for their current project and professional growth, remote workers who have difficulties with team building and staying in touch with their team members, or employees moving on to new assignments who are not easily able to stay touch with former colleges. People-sensemaking includes the difficulties of discovering people with the right skills and common interests, or learning more about someone personally as well as professionally to facilitate making contact, or getting to know about ongoing projects and activities beyond one's immediate team."

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