Wednesday, September 17, 2008

IBM Announces Center for Social Software

Today, IBM unveiled the IBM Center for Social Software. A first of its kind facility,
the Center brings together the brightest minds from IBM to work with clients, partners,
university students and faculty, creating the industry's premier incubator for the research,
development and testing of social software.

The goal of the Center is to:

  • Explore, innovate and commercialize best practices in social networking.

  • Work with forward-thinking businesses to pilot and customize enterprise
    social networks unique to their industry profile.

  • Create jointly funded research collaborations with government, academia,
    industry and venture capital participation.

  • Design the future of IBM's Web 2.0 collaboration portfolio, including social discovery,
    social search and new scalable architectures for social software including cloud computing.

  • Further social software governance: formal policies encouraging or constraining the uses
    of social networking in organizations.

  • Develop the science of social software: Quantifying social networking.

  • Explore cultural differences in the use of social software.

Stay tuned for more news about our announcement.

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